Vimala — The Love Affair Continues.

Whenever I think to check the stats for my blog, without fail, the most common search that brings people to my site is ‘the Vimala alphabet.’

Occasionally, someone will leave a comment, usually asking a question, and we’ll have a little, back-and-forth exchange. One person has even become a blog-friend. (Hi Lorien! – Check out Lorien’s YogaMom site here.)

So this is for the Vimala seekers.

It’ll be my fifth post about the Vimala alphabet. If you’d like to read the rest the first is here, #2, #3, and #4.

I have been using Vimala’s alphabet as a form of meditation since I first discovered it in December, 2010. Not faithfully as in every single day — I struggle with any practice that requires a daily commitment — but I’ve found enough benefit that I come back to it over and over and over again.

I’ve approached it all sorts of ways — at times, following Vimala’s suggestions to the letter (ha! no pun intended) and, other times, going my own way. I’ve done letters of the day, letters of the week, sometimes concurrently with a letter I’ve chosen to focus on for a 40 day practice.

My 40 Day Practice letter has been chosen because there’s a quality I want to enhance in my life or because it’s the first letter of one of my names or because there’s something I really suck at that I’d like to improve.

My latest project is to move through Vimala’s alphabet one letter at a time. I started with A and finished it just before we left on our New Zealand adventure. When we got back, I started with O, which I  just completed this morning!

No, not B — O.

Vimala doesn’t progress through the alphabet in the way we are accustomed. She divides the letters into families. The first is the Family of Communication and includes A, O, D, G, Q, and P. Each of the letters represents a Soul Quality and moving through the letters in this order is like building our soul capacity from the ground up (or maybe it’s more accurate to say ‘from the inside out.’)

The Soul Quality of A is transforming ego into Spirit and helps us to communicate from our soul rather than from our personality.

Here’s O’s Soul Quality:

Vimala O - front

And it’s Declaration of Intent

Vimal O - back

As I reflect on my 40 day journey with O, I find it interesting that, before I began, I felt compelled to have conversations with people whom I had let fall out of my life because of some truth I had with-held from them. They were very difficult conversations to broach and the subject matter was difficult to express fully, but doing so erased the horrible weight I would feel every time I thought of that person and my unfinished business (read: unspoken truth) with them.

And last night — Day 39 — I received a huge insight into the not-so-sensitive way that I communicate with my husband. Day 39! I guess that’s why Vimala suggests a 40 day round for each letter.

I’m going to share Day 40 of my writing so that, if you are considering trying this out, you’ll have an example of how one person does it. I’m sure, once you get started, you’ll find your own best way to do it.

vimala O - day 40

I start every page with a line of H’s because they are about living your life path full out with dynamic self-expression. (And because Vimala says she often does that.)

Interspersed among the lines of upper and lower case O’s are the Soul Quality and Declaration of Intent and then three lines of words: 1) those beginning with O, 2) words with O in the middle, 3) words with O at the end. 

Sometimes I have to make up words — like with Q, for example — which is great fun!

I always include an invocation of sorts, asking the Guardian Protector of the letter for help living the letter’s soul quality.

And the last line is my signature — what Vimala prefers to call our autograph — and an expression of my gratitude for this system, for my own spiritual growth and for Life.

If you have Vimala’s kit,

vimala's kit

you may have noticed that the Guardian Protector of the Letter O is missing from the Guidebook. I finally emailed the International Institute of Handwriting Studies to find out if there was one or if it had been left out by mistake.

It was the latter. They emailed me back immediately with the following information:

The Guardian Protector of the Letter O is Amitiel (Ah-MEE-tee-el), the Angel of Truth.

Amitiel is the Guardian of Sensitive Truth-telling. His responsibility, as Guardian Protector of the Letter Oo, is to guide you in speaking the truth at all times, remembering to speak always to the Indwelling Spirit in another person, never to prove yourself right or to make another person look bad or appear foolish. Amitiel guides not only your speaking, but in particular, your writing, for your writing is a graphic reflection of your thought processes. The three: writing, thinking, and speaking, are his focus.

As you approach the letter Oo in a word, slow down, speak the simple prayer to him, ‘Guide my pen!’ — and he will not only guide your pen, but refine your thoughts in a positive, uplifting way. The long-hidden secret he has held all these years is this: Inscribe each letter O in a clockwise direction. Each time. Every time. No exceptions.

It’s difficult to write the O in a clockwise direction only because it’s unfamiliar, just as non-injurious speaking is often unfamiliar when we want to look good or be right. One of Amitiel’s many gifts, as you move your pen, is to allow you to release self-righteousness and instead to speak the truth kindly and sincerely. What freedom!

I did find it challenging, at first, to inscribe the O in a clock-wise direction. Now it comes naturally to me. It does, however, force a pause (however slight) as I lift the pen before inscribing the letter, to think about the truth of what I am writing.

Which reminds me of a friend who, in her desire to be more conscious about what she was saying to the people in her life, went about her day with a small stone in her mouth. Every time she opened her mouth to speak, the stone’s presence made her pause and think about what she was about to say.

Powerful, eh?

If you are one of the people who has found this blog because of your search for more information about Vimala’s alphabet, please take a moment to say hello in the comment section. Ditto, if you’ve been engaged with Vimala’s work, whether you’re just beginning or have been at it awhile.

I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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2 Responses to Vimala — The Love Affair Continues.

  1. Lorien says:

    Maxine, your writing, WOW! It’s so beautiful. I had a Vimala writing practice but fell out of it with the birth of my son, THREE years ago. Your beautiful writing inspires me to pick that practice up again…Your letters are so beautifully formed and even and balanced looking. I emailed about the letter O too a while back and was happy to learn about Amitiel. Thank you for this lovely post, and THANK YOU for the mention. That was really sweet. 🙂 ❤

    • maxinespence says:

      Have fun picking up the pen again, Lorien! I’m back from my retreat and started this morning with Day One of Dd — letter of positive sensitivity toward others. Also the letter of my first name, Della, which I’ve always tried to ignore because I didn’t like it, but am learning to embrace for the gifts that Dd brings me. Which letter are you drawn to?

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