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A Memory for a Lifetime

I’m surprised by how difficult it’s been to re-enter the ‘normal’ world. We had an amazing trip. New Zealand is a beautiful country and it was beyond wonderful to spend time with Gabriel — to have our little family together … Continue reading

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to announce that,  I’M GOING TO SEE MY BOY! We leave today for 3 wonderful weeks exploring the New Zealand countryside with our globe-trotting son and globe-trotting son-in-training. I will be incommunicado for the … Continue reading

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Sunshine and Shade

I love my veranda! Okay . . . technically, it’s not a veranda. It’s a back deck. But I really wanted a veranda so, when  we put a roof over our back deck, I started calling it my veranda. As … Continue reading

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200th Post – Wow! How Did That Happen?

When I realized this would be my 200th blog post, I skimmed back through the files to reread my very first blog. It brought a tear to my eye (surprise, surprise). Since that long-ago post, so many things are different. And … Continue reading

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The Luckiest Mom on the Planet

Last week, the day finally dawned on some nasty dental surgery that had been looming for a very long time. I have a hate-hate relationship with my dentist that has endured many downs and even-lower-downs over the past 20 years … Continue reading

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Forging a Life-long Bond – I hope

I don’t have a close relationship with my three brothers, something I tried for years to change and then slowly gave up on, finally coming to the conclusion (with my husband’s clear-eyed help) that they aren’t interested in a relationship … Continue reading

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